Daddy has been extremely busy, and therefore my web site has not been updated in a very long time.  So, in addition to getting Steven's pictures all ready for you, daddy's been going back in time to post as many pictures as possible from the missing years of me.  Therefore, this explains why my "new" pictures below are fairly dated.  BUT, this is good news really, because if daddy posted all the pictures he has of me from the missing years, it would take you quite a while to look at all of them, getting in the way of all the work you have to do (don't look know but, is that your boss coming this way?!?!?).  Anyway, below are some never before web site published pictures of me, and be sure and check back soon for more new (and more recent) pictures :)

month 22 & 23
month 24
month 25

Last Updated 07/12/03