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ballons.m13.jpg (31015 bytes)    presentgaurding.m13.jpg (34734 bytes)    presentopening.m13.jpg (39383 bytes)    madisons1st.m13.jpg (42244 bytes)    ladybug.m13.jpg (42025 bytes)

cratrelake1.m14.jpg (31144 bytes)    cratrelake2.m14.jpg (59411 bytes)    kitty.m14.jpg (40060 bytes)    sfchinagirl.m14.jpg (53173 bytes)    auntsusan1.m14.jpg (27848 bytes)

1stmerrygoround.m14.jpg (52665 bytes)    winecountryca.m14.jpg (35884 bytes)    beach1.m14.jpg (27848 bytes)    beach2.m14.jpg (26793 bytes)    beach3.m14.jpg (30205 bytes)

beach4.m14.jpg (39068 bytes)    beach5.m14.jpg (35475 bytes)    beach6.m14.jpg (33005 bytes)

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Follow the pink rabbit for a special section, we call,
"Descent Into Cake," a pictorial of Madison's run in
 with her first birthday cake.


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