Madison: Months 15&16

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Click on any picture you want to enlarge it and marvel at my utter beauty.  Then, to save a picture to your hard drive:

Netscape: Hold the shift key and click on the picture
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duckpond1.m15.jpg (54623 bytes)    duckpond2.m15.jpg (57789 bytes)    molly.m15.jpg (46457 bytes)    barbaraanddan.m15.jpg (37944 bytes)    madison.m16.jpg (20854 bytes)

pushing.m16.jpg (29820 bytes)    ruckus.m16.jpg (31398 bytes)    kiss1.m16.jpg (33173 bytes)    kiss2.m16.jpg (28550 bytes)    hello.m16.jpg (31866 bytes)

outside1.m16.jpg (38364 bytes)    outside2.m16.jpg (42214 bytes)    zack.m16.jpg (27374 bytes)    belly.m16.jpg (25008 bytes)

halloween.m16.jpg (40963 bytes)


Last Updated 07/12/03